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Lexipedia (Chyler Leigh|Lexie Grey) #26: Because we love watching her kick ass as Alex on Supergirl!

Welcome to the 26th Chyler Leigh/Lexie Grey Appreciation Thread

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+ Alexandra Caroline Grey, M.D.
+ 24 years old
+ Prefers to go by "Lexie"
+ Other nicknames include "Three", "Lexipedia", "Little Grey"
+ First year Intern at Seattle Grace Hospital
+ Graduate of Harvard Medical School
+ Daughter of Thatcher and Susan Grey
+ Has a younger sister Molly Grey Thompson
+ Has an older half-sister Meredith Grey
Interesting Tidbits
+ Skipped the 3rd grade
+ Prom Queen
+ High School Valedictorian
+ Has a photographic memory
+ Hates: apples
+ Loves: math
MORE @ Lexie's Wikipedia profile.

Everyday is my mothers birthday. My mother was born in March. He lied. He's a liar. And I'm glad. Really, I'm glad that you found him charming.
I'm sure he was delightful. He's a blast after five drinks, not so much after nine though; he gets a little weepy and mean. He's a drunk, Meredith. He probably came in and told you how wonderful you are. How sad he is he doesn't get to spend more time with you. You know, yesterday he told me I was his favorite daughter. The day before, I was an ungrateful bitch. The week before, he wrote me a check for $20,000 because he said I deserved everything life had to offer, because he was so proud of me, a lifetime's worth of proud. So thank you for letting me know that I need to keep a better eye on him. Thanks. (4X08)
It happens. People make mistakes. They ... sleep with the wrong person and ...
they hide it but, if you ask me, it's the part that comes after that matters.
The part where you make it right. And I think you're off to a good start. (5x02)
It's okay. Nobody else is here. It's just me and I'm just an intern. I'm nobody. So you can try and if it doesn't work it's okay. Just try.(5x10)
Lexie: Hey... You passed. We are going to celebrate. I'm going to buy you a beer, and all the peanuts you can eat.
George: What if I didn't pass?
Lexie: Then ... I'll buy you a beer anyway. Beer for losers. (5x04)
It's not Little Grey. It's Lexie. And I'm sorry that I broke...
that I hurt you. And I'm sorry that you're humiliated. But I'm not going anywhere.
I've got a friend who is guarding the door. A good friend. And since no-one is going to be coming in,
I'm now going to climb into bed with you and stroke your hair. Because that's what I like to have done for me, when I'm hurt. (5x13)
He forgot he had sex with me? He FORGOT HE HAD SEX WITH ME! (4x14)
Bow to me. I am the queen of the interns. I’ve assembled an army of the dead to teach us things. (5x07)
I get it. I'm the one who organized a crazy cabal of secret, cutter interns. The thing is, I've been advised to seek out sex as
a way of my sad predicament, but I think I would rather just learn today,
so... what do you say? You, me ... (5x10)

+ Chyler Leigh Potts was born on April 10, 1982 in Charlotte, North Carolina
+ Her first name is pronounced "Kyler" not "Shyler" , "Leigh" is pronounce "Lee"
+ On July 20, 2002, she married actor Nathan West
+ 3 children Noah Wilde (December 2003), Taelyn Leigh (September 2006), and Anniston Kae (May 2009)
2013-2014 Taxi: Brooklyn South as Det. Cat Sullivan
2007-2012 Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Lexie Grey
2005 Reunion as Carla Noll
2004 North Shore as Kate Spangler
2003 The Practice as Claire Wyatt
2002 Girls Club as Sarah Mickle
2002 That '80s Show as June Tuesday
2000 Not Another Teen Movie as Janey Briggs
2000 7th Heaven as Frankie
2000 M.Y.O.B.
2000 Wilder Days as Rip
1999 Safe Harbo as Jamie Martin
1999 Saving Graces as Grace Smith
1997 Kickboxing Academy as Cindy
1997 Kinetic City Super Crew
1996 Hall Pass as Co-Host
Interesting Facts
+ She appeared in Marilyn Manson's music video "Tainted Love"
+ She was ranked 65 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2002
+ Guest-starred on 7th Heaven with her husband
+ Has a huge tattoo on her lower back
+ Was nicknamed "Mama" by her Reunion castmates
+ One of her favorite shows is Top Chef
+ Didn't know until three days before filming her first scene that she would be Meredith's sister
MORE @ Chyler's IMDB and Wikipedia profiles.

Because she's fresh and new
Because she's sparky and not damaged
Because she doesn't care what day it is
Because she helps other people out
Because she's not afraid to say what she wants to say
Because she's good at keeping secrets
Because Alex already likes her
Because she has a name
Because her name is Lexie
Because Derek really likes her
Because Meredith is warming up to her
Because she's exquisite
Because she has a photographic memory
Because she can recite the periodic table from memory
Because if you don't pass your intern exam she'll buy you a beer anyway
Because she knows how to wrap her way around a suture
Because she's a good girl
Because she organized a crazy cabal of secret, cutter interns
Because she has a conscience to turn herself in
Because she gives her patients strength
Because she's the Queen of the interns!

The Voice Within Lexie Grey music video
Grey's Anatomy: Behind The Scenes (Golf Cart Confessional)
Celeb Watch Interview
Starcrossed: Interview w/Dave Annable
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The Insider Interview 2/5/09
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Chyler Leigh does ADR for Grey's Anatomy (BTS)
Ellen Interview
Grey's Anatomy 3x25 Lexie/George "I'm Lexie Grey"
Grey's Anatomy 3x25 Lexie/Derek "Can I buy you a drink?"
Grey's Anatomy 4x01 Lexie/George "Baby Watching"
Grey's Anatomy 4x03 Lexie/Meredith "She hates me"
Grey's Anatomy 4x04 Lexie/Cristina/Derek "When were you nice to her?"
Grey's Anatomy 4x07 Lexie/Meredith "5 things"
Grey's Anatomy 4x08 Lexie/Meredith "Everyday is my mother's birthday"
Grey's Anatomy 4x10 Lexie/Cristina/Meredith "I have no one, dance party"
Grey's Anatomy 4x14 Lexie/George "Crapartment"
Grey's Anatomy 4x14 Lexie/Cristina/George/Alex "Like a Virgin, he forgot he had sex with me?!"
Grey's Anatomy 5x01 Lexie/Mark/George "You're my half-sister's boyfriend's best friend"
Grey's Anatomy 5x03 Lexie/Mark "Periodic Table, Go."
Grey's Anatomy 5x05 Interns/Residents "I'll keep Lexipedia, she bathes"
Grey's Anatomy 5x05 Lexie/George "Screw you Dr. O'Malley"
Grey's Anatomy 5x08 Lexie/Mark/Meredith/Derek "Keep Little Sloan out of Little Grey"
Grey's Anatomy 5x10 Lexie/Mark "I've been advised to seek out sex"

credit: sprinkle13181 or (shapedpretty on lj)
That You Know | Thatcher/Lexie
We Start Over Again (At The Edge Of The Ocean) | Meredith/Lexie
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Future Titles
Aunt Lexie is great, but Mommy Lexie is going to be even better
Lexie holds a baby and the guy of her dreams is looking her way
Being a mom wasn't in her plan for right now, but things change.

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