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Originally Posted by JJH85 (View Post)

The writers did a few things like that which were uncharacteristic of some of the characters:

- Joey blaming Dawson for her father in S2
- Andie cheating on Pacey
- Pacey blowing up at Joey
- Jack spiralling in University
- Audrey's drunken bar bash while singing
Mostly agreed. There is a longer list. It would include Grams's behaviour Seasons 5-6. I think that - given the season that it was - Pacey would have blown up at Joey. However, I have never believed that he would do it in front of everyone else. No matter how mad he felt - not happening. I also don't think that Pacey would have failed to tell dawson that he had feelings for Joey in Season 3 before anything happened betwen them. Pacey never lacked in courage, and while we see that he intended to tell Dawson, he bailed out and lost his nerve. This is not something Pacey would do - if anything Pacey grabs the bull by the horns and has it out with people when it is necessary. The plot required him to bail out because it increased the tension, but looking back, it was completely out of character. If he had something to say he would have said it. It also could have avoided a lot of the bitterness around the Pacey-Joey-Dawson triangle, which would not have suited the plot either.
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