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Antonina Zabinski [The Zookeeper's Wife] {#2}: Jessica + animals > everything else

The Zookeeper's Wife

I’ve never been on a set with so many women. We’re not even 50 percent of the crew —
we’re probably something like 20 percent women and 80 percent men — but it’s way more than I’ve
ever worked with on a film before. There are female producers (Diane Levin, Kim Zubick and Katie McNeill), a
female screenwriter (Angela Workman), a female novelist (Diane Ackerman), a female protagonist and a female director.

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"That is psychotic. Okay, not psychotic but it's like something
the lady from Killing Eve would do. Not Sandra Oh, Villanelle.
You know, the crazy one who stabs everyone with her hairpin.
Have you still not watched K i l l i n g E v e?"

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