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Kayleen breaking down the key points of Rachel's makeup from last night's Oscars
Rachel McAdams Chanel Makeup at the 2016 Oscars | POPSUGAR Beauty

This is what she said about her choice of dress:
Kayleen teamed up with Chanel to give Rachel a smoldering style, highlighted by an emerald eye. "I wanted Rachel's look to be a little sexy, a little sultry," Kayleen said of the inspiration. "I think Rachel was going against the grain, choosing the slinky dress that she did. We wanted to keep those clean lines, and to give her eyes the same pop that her dress had."
She literally said the same thing they wrote in that New York Times article on Rachel's award season fashion choices and I loved that Beucase I think that's what she did, too. She didn't go with Elie Saab as many had predicted or something similar to her previous choices but used this opportunity to wear a new and daring style from an up and coming designer which is something almost none of the other actresses would do at the Oscars especially when they are nominated for one. Congrats to her and Rob and Mariel for that brave and supportive choice! They killed it!

Here's a new Vogue article on Rachel's dress' designer August Getty (his Instagram video where they all go crazy when they see Rachel with the dress on the red carpet is priceless )
Meet August Getty, the 22 year-old who made Rachel McAdams' Oscars gown - Vogue Australia

Zagardi and Haeen, known for their glamorous, erring on the side of outré, approach to red carpet dressing, support both established and up-and-coming designers. Speaking to Vogue prior to the Academy Awards they emphasized the importance of variety on the awards circuit. “Newer designers have the opportunity to be seen. It’s not as much about whether you have a long-standing name brand anymore,” said the pair. “It’s more about the quality and talent behind the design, no matter the label.”
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