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Originally Posted by italiangal (View Post)
Damn..same again. Exactly what I thought. I don't think we will see anything major happening just yet, maybe towards the end of the season. I would like Clarke to kinda make it know directly to Lexa that she does care for her and that she loves her. Cause then they will both know exactly how the other feels, not that they don't know but sometimes you just gotta hear it. With upcoming events, I would love to see the affect it will have on them two cause we have already seen a betrayal from Lexa last season, I cant imagine they will play that card or something similar again.

And Clarke does not need Bellamy. This white knight crap, may work form some but not for her. Look how she challenged him back in season 1!

Can I add...doesn't Lexa look better with every episode. We only saw her built up in her gear last season, this season we are definitely seeing more lol. Looks really pretty, I doubt I could pull off her outfits.
To be honest I don't think Lexa/Clarke need to hear how much they care about each other,WE DO!They've already established that,and even if their actions that prove it so,aren't expressed by anything vocal,they know exactly what's what.And somehow that intrigues me to see how their relationship will evolve in times of less peaceful fashion,considering how things will be for them,with what Bellamy did.

I have to agree on how good Lexa looks,I always was a sucker for her war paint and that crimson cloth she has on her armour,but props to The 100 crew,they managed to make it better each time Lexa is in a scene.Dunno about the tattoos,I really like the previous ones compared to the ones they're using now.

Originally Posted by bandcandy (View Post)
Everything she does concerning lexa is for her people.

"Clarke, marry me?"
"yes lexa, im not doing this for me. Im not quenching my epic thirst for you. I'm doing this for my mum, raven, Kane, octagon and Bellamy. Especially Bellamy."
I wonder if she even believes that lie.Cause I sure as hell don't!
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