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Originally Posted by Stay to the Lights (View Post)
I love that quote too! Ryodan has no qualms about expressing his emotions, unlike Barrons
i thought that too!

I've always liked dani/ryoden. the age thing was kinda creepy but i weirdly liked it. as long as ryoden waited, which he did now that shes technically 5 years older. i mean, I've looked at like teenagers and thought "Wow that kid is gonna be gorgeous when they get older"... now i cant say I've ever been like "i think ill wait of them to be of legal age" HAHA but i mean, i can kinda understand why ryoden did feel that way, especially if there was more to dani then just her looks, he felt something there with her.

(and hey if twilight can do it with jacob and a freaking BABY then i can accept it here)

i just want the old dani still in there and right now its hard to see but i assume we will get to it eventually. i just dont like that they call her jada.
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