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Originally Posted by Drunk On You (View Post)
I'm having a hard time telling the difference. She felt safe with Dancer but Ryodan makes her feel safe. Isn't that pretty much the same thing?
Hello all! I am so glad to have found your forum for two reasons: 1) I have no friends who read this genre and it is a lonely place to be with a story such as this!! and 2) I'm glad to not have to read only opinions of people who read the series and yet seem to hate it...don't get that and not interested in those opinions. Ugh!

So, this quote had me stumped upon reading it as well until I read it outloud to my dh and then I got it ( I think). Dancer is discussed in the past tense of when she was the 14 year old MEGA ("she'd felt safe") whereas Ryodan is discussed in the present tense in her current age and maturity ("makes her feel safe"). When read in that context, it really adds a depth to her relationship with Ryodan it seems.

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