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Started on Burned but haven't gotten very much into it.

This has been weighing on my mind for a while. Does anyone else that some of the fans especially the ones on the fb groups are a little too much and too obsessed? urging others to write reviews which ok that's good but because there's negative reviews out. Which we all know that people rate things without reading them. Like because of the whole narrator of the audio books some were upset over that and rate things low. I remember reading someone's comment about someone give the book 3 stars. Karen doesn't write 3 star books, without reading it I know it's 5 stars. That's great and I feel that way too. But not everyone feels that way. There are tons of people who don't like the books or the series. 3 stars...yes I really feel like some can rate these books that low. That's their opinion and tastes.

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