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Katie Porter ‏@katiejporter · 14h14 hours ago
Joshua Jackson I want you

Rob Graves Verified account  ‏@robgrav3s · Jan 15
Also, The Affair is great, though I have a difficult time believing anyone is cheating on Maura Tierney (or Joshua Jackson for that matter).

Amanda McIntyre ‏@a_mac124 · Jan 15
Just bought tickets to see Smart People Jan 30th with @CaitlinMcEleney and @krizmastree but most importantly Joshua Jackson

TiVo Verified account  ‏@TiVo · Jan 14
Joshua Jackson as Steven Avery in the hypothetical #MakingAMurderer movie? Totally. Making a Dream Cast for Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’

ChaoticJuris ‏@ChaoticJuris · Jan 14
Next up: D2 The Mighty Ducks. Man... a young Joshua Jackson. Just, wow.

Karyn Gerrard ‏@KarynGerrard · Jan 13
Three episodes into #TheAffair and why is this girl looking elsewhere? Joshua Jackson is hot in this-interesting, I'll keep going #BingeOn Verified account  ‏@broadwaycom · Jan 13
Tickets are now on sale for SMART PEOPLE starring Joshua Jackson and more: Tickets Now Available to See Joshua Jackson, Mahershala Ali & More in Smart People Off-Broadway | Broadway Buzz |

Michal Salonia ‏@SaloniaTweets · 5h5 hours ago
Particularly apropos after watching the ever delightful Joshua Jackson in season two of THE AFFAIR

Canadagraphs Awards ‏@canadagraphs2 · Jan 13
Best Of TV Awards 2015 FINALIST
Best Recurring Actor
Joshua Jackson #theAffair @VancityJax
Best Of TV Awards 2015 - Round 2 Semi-Final results and FINALISTS. Best Recurring Actor, Actress and Guest Star. - CANADAGRAPHS

Pusha C# Ph.D. ‏@grisuy · Jan 10
@jabriella @vmcny @KK0618 @vcav I have had a crush on Joshua Jackson forever and s2. Pacey I love you 4eva

Film Fatale NYC ‏@FilmFatale_NYC · Jan 10
Two snubs in the Best Supporting Actor category (TV) - Joshua Jackson and the Colin Donnell of "The Affair" #CinNoir #GoldenGlobes

Aimee ‏@AimeeHorton · Jan 10
Watching The Affair. Am I the only person (other than Mr Aimee) that still refers to Joshua Jackson as Pacey no matter what he's in?

caroline digby ‏@carolinediggers · Jan 10
Just started watching #theaffair ... hooked!
Kim Cutler ‏@kimbojones1 · Jan 10
@carolinediggers better late than never
caroline digby ‏@carolinediggers · Jan 10
@kimbojones1 if I'd known how good Joshua Jackson looked in it if have started earlier!

Isabelle Schou ‏@isabelleschou · Jan 9
Took a break from work and watched #Shutter - excellent ghost story, and Joshua Jackson (@VancityJax) is too cute

Thee Fanboy Slayer ‏@theefefe · Jan 8
Fastball and Joshua Jackson with frosted tips. TV lifts the spirits like no other.

JP ‏@JPnMiami · Jan 8
Joshua Jackson is great in The Affair. This scene reminds me of where that comes from. #FringeFriday

Hallie Beardsley ‏@csquaremom · Jan 8
I'm so in love with Pacey!!!! #joshuajackson

MissSororityGoddess ‏@SrattyGoddess · Jan 8
Is it just me or could Joshua Jackson play Steven Avery in a movie?

ricki ‏@rickilynnxo · Jan 7
the fact that i am a LITERAL block away from joshua jackson right now is absolutely exhilarating

Jaimers ‏@Jaimers__ · Jan 7
Thought I was sly convincing my bf to Fringe-binge together but as soon as Joshua Jackson appeared on screen he knew my MO

Amanda Tullos ‏@LivnDeadGrl87 · Jan 7
Ever since someone pointed out that Steve Avery looks like a chubby Joshua Jackson IT'S ALL I CAN SEE NOW #MakingAMurderer

Jett Rink ‏@jessiekaiser · Jan 6
You guys, I'm seeing Joshua Jackson in 20 DAAAAAYS

Jett Rink ‏@jessiekaiser · Jan 6
there's a 100% chance that I will pass out in Joshua Jackson's presence

somerpage ‏@somerpage · Jan 5
Watching #dawsonscreek for a second time. Totally in love with #joshuajackson all over again.

Katie Vahrah ‏@blaminglove · Jan 5
All of my dreams have come true! (except that one involving Joshua Jackson)

AJ ‏@CantHoldMeDown · Jan 4
been binge watching the affair. here for joshua jackson

BlindAssassinUK ‏@BlindAssassinUK · Jan 4
I wonder if I'll ever get over my Joshua Jackson crush. I doubt it.

DigiLibraryGal ‏@susiepkmelb · Jan 4
Joshua Jackson can really act. #theaffairseason2 #theaffair

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