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Finished my rewatch! Personally i loved the finale.

There were a few things i didn't like...
- Jordan and Naomi getting back together. They should have just ended it when she broke it off with him. Jordan being there at the end was kind of annoying.
- No resolution to what caused the explosion but I'm gonna say it was just an accident. Maybe had the show continued it would have been Campbell or Patrick.
- No last Adrianna/Naomi scene. They were one of my favorite friendships.
- Lack of major characters. No Ivy? No Debbie? We could have at least gotten mentions.
- Silver having cancer. The phonecall is something they easily could have changed to say she was negative for. But I guess all the stuff after would have been difficult to change. And considering how much Silver annoyed me throughout the series in a way I felt it was almost character justice.

but those were all minor details imo. There were a lot of things i did love.

Really liked all the last "moments" in the episode. The Annie/Naomi moments were fantastic. As my favorite friendship they got a lot of great stuff through the seasons. And Naomi was the same as she always was, but it was hilarious. Loved their last scene by the plane where Naomi says she got through all the tough stuff because of her friends. And I was really glad that Silver and Adrianna made up as well. Even Annie/Ade got a cute last moment. And Annie/Silver had a good last scene where Silver gives her advice. Anddddd we got a silver/annie/naomi hug which was sweet. And good final moment with dixon/annie. I felt like all the major friendships were touched on.

The silver/dixon moments were sweet. I llove that dixon encouraged her to keep fighting. it left us with a little bit of hope at least for her storyline. I was glad they didnt get back together, it would have felt like too much with the other pairings but its great they got those last scenes.

We get a small max mention and Annaylnnes youtube ending with them getting back together was pretty funny/cute and ill accept that as part of the real show. haha.

Loved Navid rescuing Adrianna and all their adorable moments in the episode. I wish they hadn't been secluded the entire episode though but at least at the end we got a scene with the other characters.

Loved that Liam was worried for Annie. Loved that he finally read the book. Sydney really wasn't that bad and seemed nice enough. It was sweet when she told him to read it. Him riding up on the bike was as little cheesey but at least they finally got back together. and i love that they had the last moment on the show. great coda song. It was a tiny bit awkward that Naomi was there but oh well, it was still cute. I do like the three of them so I was okay with it.

the retrospective was super adorable too!

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