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Cadence Delongpre
Despite the formality of tonight’s event, a raucous belly laugh sounded. Adrienne played to her sense of humor perfectly. Cadence’s sisters had tested her poised exterior since childhood, lovingly so. “You sound more like Cher than Barbara,” the youngest Delongpre jested. “But thank you, all the same.” Cadence would’ve likened her singing voice to a bullfrog. It felt nice to hear differently. A grateful smile formed as Adrienne lassoed a runaway curl. She’d been known to catch sliding bra straps and makeup smudges too. “What would I do without you, hmm?” In many ways, Adrienne acted as a surrogate mother. The woman who bore Cadence was always hard-pressed for time. Being the wife of a politician left little room for one’s own interests, let alone others. The family’s mock abandonment was taken in stride for no other choice existed. What did grandmother (unapologetically) preach? Sacrifices must be made. Cadence respectfully disagreed. Her family with Prescott would break the mold. She considered future lineage thoughtfully ‘till tones were raised. Something was amiss.

“Would you like a protest sign to wave around?” Adrienne’s crusade against Prescott was in top form. She hadn’t asked for an explanation before assuming the worst. “I wasn’t implying that I needed permission. It’s just customary that my first dance be with my fiancée.” Cadence drew forth a tired breath. Were they really meant to do this, tonight of all nights? Adrienne hesitated briefly before realigning focus…to herself. She was fine and dandy, fit as a fiddle, and so forth and so on. Her expression seemed to read, Phillip who? Cadence squeezed her sister’s hand tightly. There was much left unsaid. “Telling me not to worry is akin to telling a bird not to fly. I care about you. Please let me.” Adrienne’s strength doubled as her weakness. “Or, if you don’t want to talk, let me run interference. I’ll make certain the DAR holds he-who-shall-not-be-named in their orbit indefinitely.”
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