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Her movements were nimble but not quick enough to hide the quirk of her upper lip as it disappeared behind her upraised hand. As if she were looking for any other witnesses to her misstep, Elizabeth looked to the bar where Sydney and Lynette were engaged in conversation - though Christian paused in labeling it as such, likening their usual interactions to something akin to warfare - before eyeing him once more. "I could never abide even my worst enemy suffering the likes of Frank Gallagher..." had barely passed her lips before Christian was snorting, eyeing the growing crowd for the sight of either a Gallagher or Sinclaire, and then recovering just as gracefully as she had as if nothing unusual had been said in that moment.

Sydney, who often commented on the unusual nature of the friendship between he and her grandmother, said it best; the two of them were hardly better than catty high school girls when they were together, and it seemed tonight would be no exception, particularly when the number of potential targets had grown in number. Elizabeth Donahue's feelings on the Sinclaires were no secret to Christian; actually, he had his doubts about whether or not the Sinclaires were in the dark about them, but that was a thought for another time and place. Selecting Philip Sinclaire as the guest of honor for the evening had surprised Christian most of all. She barely tolerated the Sinclaires as it were, mostly for the sake of Cadence who had recently become engaged to the younger son, but the history between the Delongpres and Sinclaires had grown complicated in the years since Adrienne and Phillip's divorce.

To add insult to injury, the Sinclaires were also nouveau-riche and impossibly tacky about that fact, which seemed to agitate Elizabeth to no end. "Really," he deadpanned, leaving the chair he had been occupying to join her standing, and slid it carefully back under the table as he rose to his full height. "I seem to recall that it wasn't that long ago that you, forgive me for repeating this bit of crassness, said you'd sooner let the Sinclaires burn than pour a glass of water on them and now you're protecting them from that swill the Gallaghers call whiskey? The holiday season is turning you soft."
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