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Helen (hlgreenie) and I (SachaS44) have been discussing this, and we think that it may be time to close this board. Our post counts have been declining over the past few months and we have very few regular posters. As you know, Fan Forum requires that we average at least 15 posts per day, with lower numbers than that leading to warnings and then possible closure of the board. We would prefer to go out under our own terms rather than be forced to close due to low post counts.

Please let us know what you think. We'd be glad to hear any suggestions or advice to renew interest here. Remember that to keep the board going, we need the commitment of a few regular, dedicated posters. As much as we love this board, please don't just post to "save" the board and then disappear again, because we'll be in the same position that we're in now if you do.

We know it's a tough decision but since the main show has ended, we have not had much traffic on the board. There seems to be very little interested in CSI:Cyber, so we decided this may be the best thing for the board. We love the board and would love to keep it around if people are really interested but right now it's been very tough posting.


Sacha & Helen
Would you be considering to start a new board on

Being a new member on this board, I've found it's hard to locate the topics I am interested. Is there an index page or section or something like that?
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