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OOC: Yaaaaasss. So Lucrezia will be up more than likely today or early tomorrow. Jonathon is also open for a tag, although his post will probably come after the weekend. Got some Star Wars and Christmas party biz to handle.

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Lucrezia Moretti
No one would be surprised to see Lucrezia Moretti at any generically uppity or well-to-do function anywhere on the map. True enough, Virginia was no close neighbor to her lavish estate in Essex Falls, but when someone like Elizabeth Donahue put on an event, you made a point of moving heaven, earth, and possibly a few other planets in the Solar System to show up. It was more or less Luca's job to be the public face of her father's empire, to make sure her network stayed connected to those people worthy of connections, and the family Donahue definitely qualified as those choice few people. Besides, she was used to traveling all over to wherever for whatever, and she was really looking for an excuse to wear her fancy new dress somewhere obvious without having to sift through her mountain of invitations for the week. Or rather listen and be incredibly super so bored while someone read her the mountain of invitations for the week.

While ordinarily attending so many gatherings meant going through the headache of always needing to find and plan for a date, Luca never really had that problem. Enter: Alex Levitsky. Ever her loyal and overjoyed manslave, he was always primed to do whatever she needed doing, and that evening she needed him doing the escort dance. Preferably while crashing tiny cymbals together with a Fez and bowtie on and nothing else.

"You were just so sweet to tag along with me tonight. I'm feeling it, I'm feeling the love." Currently enjoying their chauffeured car ride from the Jefferson Hotel, she smirked over at a seething Alex while she touched up her lipstick and briefly checked her face for flawlessness. He was, of course, ignoring her and had been for the past hour or so, but she didn't see what the big deal was. Yeah maybe he was under the impression that he had the day off. Possibly he had to take her father's private jet to Richmond last minute just so he could make it there in time. He might have had to wait two hours for her to get ready. Honestly, what was there to complain about?

Luckily, he wouldn't be able to choke her out in the back seat just yet, both of them having arrived at their destination fashionably late. The Donahue mansion looked every bit the decadent stereotype it always had, except this time she was showing up sober. "Oh don't worry about it, Vin," she told their driver through the partition window, "Alexei will walk over and help me out. Shall we?" Dimpled grin pleasant as pie, it must've given him a toothache just looking at it.
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