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Originally Posted by Sulieter (View Post)
It's not nearly as good as the Vegas one but I love to watch it. Patricia Arquette has an odd way of speaking but that doesn't spoil it for me.

I haven't got into the other CSIs. I did see a bit of one but it didn't capture my interest.
Cyber is a load of pits. Tried. Just couldn't sit through it. How do they expect this show can hold the viewers to their seats? Lousy scriptwriting. Insipid casting. Dull characters. Also, for the life of me I don't know they can parade it around and make it the fourth show in the glorious CSI family? Not sure if I said it here before, but I need to quote something my friend said to me after we watched the first Cyber together. She said as far as she's concerned, CSI LV only had two ugly stepsisters: Miami and New York. She said she's not sure from which side the blanket this Cyber bastard came out!

So for sure I would have nothing to add to the Cyber threads. I do love reading all the CSI LV comments. It's going to be sad to lose this board. I will try to put my 2-cent forward and see if it can make any difference.

Thanks to both of you for keeping the board going for so long.
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