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WELP. Might be the fastest I've ever put up a profile. Still ironing things out with the Liam PB as well so send me anything you might want/need.

Name: Lucrezia Moretti
Age: Twenty-Four
Family most closely affiliated with: Moretti (Youngest, heir apparent by way of default)
Three Fast Facts:
[-] The only thing that Lucrezia Cesarina Donata Salvatrice Moretti is guilty of in the eyes of her father is being too perfect. Unsurprisingly, the Moretti patriarch and his strong but doting wife cherished all their children, though their daughters would always fall under the category of "princesses" and "can do no wrong" as is typical of their Italian ancestry. Lucrezia grew up surrounded in a membrane of privilege and decadence that her father's exploits readily provided and never wanted for anything. Someone might assume this turned her into a bonafide brat and they wouldn't be wrong; she just knew plenty about when to turn it on and off and what situation warranted which aspect of her brilliant personality. Her older siblings, Daniela and Angelo, served as the perfect protective shield that everyone undesirable tended to bounce off of if they knew what was good for them, though secretly she harbored a strength and determination that decided to burst onto the scene after she graduated high school.
[-] Always an observant child, Lucrezia made it her personal life goal to model herself after her father's professional acumen and understand the ins and outs of what he did on the business end, questionable legality notwithstanding. She was more than willing to take the full-ride education offered free of charge (to her) from her father as long as she chose the school. Verdict: Harvard at the age of seventeen. Outcome after six years: a combination Bachelor's in Economics and Anthropology, and a M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Coming back home to Essex Falls soon after did more for her parents happiness than most things had in recent history, besides her older brother Angelo's general existence, with her father immensely glad to have a child ready to learn the ropes of his trade. Of course she would never be allowed in on the nitty gritty, but the head of the family had no qualms with his pride and joy being the legitimate public face for his interesting line of work.
[-] Lucrezia was still very much a babe in the woods, so to speak, as far as the corporate jungle is concerned. No favored child of Don Moretti would ever be left without a safety net and who better to look after said favored child than the Don's personal advisor and Consigliere, Alex Levitsky (she calls him Alexei on purpose). The lawyer prodigy had more than earned his stripes as an adopted member of the Moretti family, as loyal and well-trusted as they came without resorting to being the muscle in the Don's operations, though Luca had always identified him as "the giant hot one" and never minced words about it. Of course she knew he had been assigned to her, not having chosen to pamper and chase after the same Bambi-eyed girl who stuck gum in his hair as a three-year-old. Of course she planned to take advantage of the fact that he had to do every single thing she told him to at every turn on pain of death. Of course she only teased him mercilessly because it made the time between board meetings and Casino monitoring and fancy event attendance go faster and not at all because he is so good-looking it makes her angry enough to punt a kitten into a landfill. Totally normal reactions and feelings all around.
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