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Taking male volunteers to be shamelessly leered at. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT.

Name: Julian Donahue
Age: Twenty-five
Family most closely affiliated with: Donahue
Three Fast Facts:
• Being born into the Donahue family comes with certain expectations, and Julian has fulfilled many and most of them for a majority of his life. Pre-adolescence, he was a dutiful, dignified little rich boy drone, mannerly and polite to his peers and betters while simultaneously snooty and superior to those he deemed ‘below him,’ similar in heart and spirit to his sister, Lynette. After suffering through and eventually besting puberty he had his requisite period of rebellion, sneaking out of the Richmond estate to ‘slum it’ at public school parties with his favorite cousin, Sydney (renting a Prius, rocking lower-level designer clothes, totally blending in with the dregs of society). He was always careful never to upset his parents or grandparents, always ensured he had a cover and back-up cover, and made it through those tumultuous teenaged years without so much as a nasty note in his permanent record. For a time he was his grandmother’s golden child, even skipped off to Columbia (in NYC, her hometown) after graduating from high school (and frolicking about Europe for two years) to enter into their auspicious business program just to please her.
• Business school didn’t last long, however. In New York, Julian was quickly seduced from the straitlaced student intent on making his family proud into the shameless artsy hipster, shedding the business suits for flannel shirts and facial hair and perpetual oil paint stains. He made it a single year, amassing enough basic business-related knowledge to fool his dear grandmother each time she phones to ask about how his degree is coming along—though she remains the only Donahue to date who seemingly doesn’t know about his complete change of heart and career path. Meanwhile, far enough away from his family and their legacy, Julian has enjoyed all sorts of personal freedoms once denied to him by a short leash and a necessary sense of paranoia. The only person whom he keeps around from his old life is Sydney, now his long-suffering roommate in a shared 2 bedroom flat—he could certainly afford better, like a fancy townhouse in Lenox Hill staffed with his own handful of servants, but that is so not how an artist should live. He slums it on purpose, ‘suffering’ in the name of his art, aside from a strict diet of Starbucks, a top of the line vespa scooter, and a nice little studio in SoHo.
• Presently, Julian attends the New York Academy of Art’s graduate program, specializing in modern art and mixed mediums. With his sister Lynette he shares a common interest in painting, though his artwork tends to skew into the lewd end of the spectrum—very rarely do his pieces not contain nudity or otherwise explicit content, unless they’re commissions or gifts and even then he might throw in a shrouded penis to meet his personal requirements. Said penis obsession is probably related to his sexuality, which he refuses to label unless pressed, and then he’s a proud bisexual. Sydney once set him up with a female dancer friend after he admitted to enjoying ‘the dancer aesthetic.’ It went disastrous. These days the setups are all male, and Julian certainly hasn’t complained the teensiest bit.
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