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Of course. I will be updating the OP with all the profiles we have in already as well as with the newest holds.

Husband #1 has been claimed but if anyone has any interest in playing one of the two schmucks she took to the farm or is interested in possibly playing her newest mark, let me know. Otherwise I would also be happy if someone played her partner in the firm she works for, an assistant, etc.

Name: Adrienne Delongpre
Age: Thirty-One
Family most closely affiliated with: Delongpre
Three Fast Facts:
- Adrienne Delongpre had been the picture of poise, respectability and intelligence right out the gate, a model for which her younger siblings could emulate and a source of pride for both her parents. Amiable, charismatic and above all things, dutiful, Adrienne had never been the sort to rebel, happily swallowing the ideologies spoon-fed to her without any question. Even in the face of temptation when a high school teacher's mutual attraction for her had come to light, she proved vigilante in the end, putting a stop to the flirtation before it could escalate and cause scandal. She would later go on to attend Yale Law School on her own merit, much to the delight of both her mother and her grandmother who are both alumni with the University.
- It was at Yale that Adrienne would meet her first husband. Though familiar with one another long before attending the same University from having traveled in the same social circles, Adrienne and Philip Sinclare did not start dating until her freshmen year of college. Following a short courtship of eight months, Phil proposed and with the encouragement of her parents, Adrienne accepted. On paper Phil had been the perfect match: intelligent, gently bred, charming and handsome. Young and impressionable as she was, that had been enough for her, even with rumors of infidelity brewing as early as the engagement. The honeymoon stage of their marriage lasted no more than a year before Adrienne could no longer delude herself to the truth. The end of their marriage proved ugly and the divorce uglier still. Without a prenup Adrienne forfeited half her assets to her husband. She might have been able to survive the humiliation with more grace were it not for the fact that she was also pregnant. Adrienne miscarried early in her third term two months after the divorce was finalized. That had been the straw that broke the Camel's back, shattering what remained of Adrienne's already fragile emotional state and sending her spiraling into a dark pit of depression.
- Two long years of therapy left Adrienne a changed person with very little of the benevolent and compassionate spirit she once possessed remaining to her when all was said and done in the end. In that girl's place is now a shrewd, ruthless and hardened woman, a rigid chunk of ice in place of where her heart used to be. When Adrienne returned to law school she switched her concentration from corporate to family law and woe be the man unfortunate enough to find himself sitting opposite of her during a divorce settlement. Thrice married and thrice divorced now, Adrienne has recouped the losses from her first marriage tenfold, leaving a small trail of broken hearted and bankrupted men in her wake. The only quality remaining of the Adrienne of old is her unwavering loyalty toward her family who serves as one of their most staunch of champions as well as the primary legal representative for the Delongpres as well as her mother's maternal family, the Donahues.
Taken By: degausser
Played By: Jessica Chastain
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