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I'd love it if someone could play Angelo's older (probably at least in her mid thirties) wife, but if not, she'll be NPC'd.

Also: Lily James is going to be a Gallagher daughter, and Harry Treadaway is going to be a Donahue. Those are my three for the moment, unless someone is in dire need of something else from me. Lily is fairly fleshed out, but the Harry character is as of yet undeveloped so if someone has ideas, please PM!

Name: Angelo Moretti
Age: Twenty-Eight
Family most closely affiliated with: Moretti
Three Fast Facts:
• None of the current generation Moretti boys wears the unfortunate moniker of ‘shark in a suit’ with pride quite like Angelo. As first born he’s always been something of a model child, a figure his parents could gesture grandly to in the midst of lectures with his younger siblings about how best to behave. He was always smiling, always flawlessly put together, always quick to duck his head at perceived wrong doings and apologize with such humility his mistakes would seem so trivial in the end regardless of their impact. He skated by easily through the years despite a love of childhood mischief, never punished seriously without it being rescinded later and a brand new video game or sports car shoved his way as a consolation prize. One memorable year in high school, a classmate beat Angelo to a pulp after observing him hitting shamelessly on his then girlfriend, and the next night the boy awoke to a severed horse head tucked casually next to him in bed. Angelo’s responsibility was heavily rumored, but nothing was ever proven. When accused, Angelo simply smiled one of his trademark smiles—mostly teeth—and replied that it was ‘too on the nose for his tastes.’
• Unlike most children of the wealthy, Angelo’s parents didn’t need to purchase his ivy league education. Angelo was accepted to Dartmouth on his own merit, exceedingly clever with mathematics and desirous of a degree in mechanical engineering. Business management was a natural tack on though Angelo had little interest in pursing that route, caring not about running his family’s casinos some day but rather ‘building a better mousetrap.’ After he graduated he was given a position first as part of a team handling security and monitoring for theft and eventually he was promoted to overseeing it, though he spent most of his time developing think tanks about increasingly elaborate ways to cheat casinos out of their money. To prevent it from ever happening to any of his family’s enterprises, of course. He wouldn’t deny a certain temptation to test run any of them on the competitors out in Vegas, however.
• When it comes to his personal life, Angelo would prefer to pretend he doesn’t have one. He is, however, ‘faithfully’ married to an older woman whom he’s never actually loved, the match having been his father’s idea to link the Morettis to a more legitimate line of credit. Angelo treats her more like a sister, fucks her every month or so to keep her quiet, and tolerates her continued efforts to ‘get closer to him, as husband and wife’ with thinly-veiled irritation. He cheats on her without hesitation though not very often, his eye isn’t as wandering as that of his best and closest friend, Prescott Sinclaire, but on occasion someone catches his attention and his wedding ring comes off as easily as any other bit of jewelry.
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