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I'm looking for a couple of ex-husbands for my Delongpre girl and would love it if one or several appeared in game. If anyone's interested, shoot me a PM.

Name: Prescott Sinclaire
Age: Twenty-Eight
Family most closely affiliated with: Sinclaire
Three Fast Facts:
- Prescott Sinclaire, son of larger than life wrestling promoter, Donovan Sinclaire, spent much of his formative years in the locker rooms of grand sports venues, bumping elbows with the likes of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage. He was raised in a literal fantasy world, where a soap opera was staged and dramatized two nights out of the week for a live televised audience. And of course he loved it. Prescott lived in a perpetual, never-ending fantasy land, accompanying the Ric Flair's of the industry on drug and booze sojourns regularly by the age of fourteen. Concepts of "consequence" and "responsibility" were utterly foreign abstractions to him and he grew up accordingly -- as a selfish, spoiled little rich boy born with a silver-spoon in his mouth and little to no regard for the people around him.
- As a member of the Sinclaire family he was expected to become an active participant in the management of the family business and did so first as a talent scout and developer and later by becoming directly involved in the creative writing aspect of their programing. He even enjoyed moderate success as a semi-professional wrestler himself, appearing on screen as an only slightly exaggerated version of himself as part of a storyline pitting father and son against one another for control of the company. It had been at the biggest Pay Per View event of the year, 18,000 seats booked at Madison Square Garden and broadcasting live in 16 different countries, that Prescott showed up high as a fucking kite and barely able to keep himself standing on two feet. He had been slated to face some baby-face John Cena equivalent, his inebriation somehow managing to get past management, and turned up to the ring with pupils dilated and swaying precariously like a leaf on a tree before collapsing into a seizure and overdosing on live, family friendly television.
- And so ended Prescott's brief whirlwind career in professional wrestling. After suffering through an intense drug rehabilitation program, Prescott was promptly shipped off to college bought and payed for by his father. Somewhere in between the many Jell-O shots, lines of coke (so much for rehab) and an unfortunate drinking and biking incident involving Keggy the Keg Prescott still managed to graduate with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Dartmouth College. He is currently working on his MBA and is supposedly engaged to one of the Delongpre daughters (unfortunately for her) after finally, finally being told to shape the fuck up or risk being disinherited.
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Woman? Is that meant to insult me? I would return the slap, if I took you for a man.

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