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Name: Rick Gallagher Moretti
Age: Thirty
Family most closely affiliated with: The Morettis
Three Fast Facts:
• Rick isn’t a complicated man. He wants what he wants when he wants it. As a child, it was usually his sibling’s toys. His covetous nature proved fairly innocent throughout high school and university. Minus the occasional ‘borrowing’ of his friend’s snacks and test answers, Rick was a good man. Life avoided going south until gambling came into play. What started as fun became an obsession. Rick was ’earning’ his own keep, for once, and with it came all he desired – women, power, etc. When his father confronted him, Rick pled the fifth. Comparisons to Frank Gallagher’s shady past did not detour him. Rick’s lifestyle soon led him to a crossroads. His father wanted their family to maintain success honorably. An ultimatum was presented, and Rick chose poorly.
• After disassociating himself from the Gallaghers, Rick traveled the globe. He inevitably encountered trouble counting cards in Bora Bora. His return to the states was a lackluster one at best. His father’s words rang true. Rick was no longer welcome in New York. Relocating to New Jersey, he looked up a former acquaintance/rival…Daniela Moretti. Rick used the connection to gain an audience with her father. After much cajoling, a job was granted.
• Rick pushed papers and (literally) cleaned up after the Moretti patriarch for three years. His patience paid off. Trust was earned and a bodyguard position offered. Guarding Daniela turned into flirting with Daniela, which led to ‘love’ and marriage (yes, he took her name). Rick was exactly where he wanted to be. In actuality, he’s never been loyal to the Morettis. He entered their fold to destroy them. In Rick’s twisted mind, he believes taking them for all they’re worth will convince his father he’s a respectable ally. He’s simply that deluded.
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