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Name: Sydney Jordan
Age: Twenty-Four
Family most closely affiliated with: Donahue by birth through her mother
Three Fast Facts:
- California born and bred, Sydney grew up far removed from the luxury and wealth the Donahue's are known for, comfortably slumming away in middle class suburbia not even aware of her maternal family's existence until a car accident claimed the lives of both her parents in one fell swoop. Enter Elizabeth Donahue, wealthy Virginian socialite and entrepreneur. Upon assuming guardianship of Sydney and her two sisters, the trio were uprooted from Southern California to Richmond, Virginia, turning the only life she had ever known for sixteen years completely on its head.
- Richmond proved to be a bit of a culture clash, Sydney having been raised to believe that all things of worth in life were earned by hard work and perseverance rather than just being handed over on a silver platter. Determined to make the transition as smooth as possible and quickly assimilate into her new surroundings, Sydney coped with the loss of her parents by acting as a mediator between her sisters and their estranged grandmother whenever tensions arose. Her eagerness to please others being misconstrued for pliability, it wasn't long before she involuntarily became Elizabeth's newest pet project. Not content to let her life be molded by the ambitions of other people, Sydney consented to being paraded about society like a prize debutante in exchange for pursuing her own ambitions undisturbed. School, ballet and her new social responsibilities would help distract her from being on the losing end of a love triangle involving her eldest sister and a friend of the Donahue family long enough to gain acceptance to the Tisch School of Arts in New York. Without warning she stole away into the night on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, gone from Richmond as suddenly and abruptly as when she first appeared on the scene ten months prior.
- Though hardly a penniless vagrant begging in the streets of New York City, despite what her 'lovely' cousin Lynette might say, Sydney does not benefit from the same level of monetary support she might have had she pursued a more practical career in business or law as her cousins have. For what it's worth though, she couldn't be happier with the path she chose to take, hard though it may have been at times. Sydney tenured with New York City ballet for two years and upon graduating from New York University, was recruited to the American Ballet Theater as a soloist and is currently on the fast track to becoming a Principle dancer within the company.
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