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Elizabeth Donahue is the biggest busy body who ever busy bodied in the history of busy bodying. If you are of relation to the Donahues or the Delongpres ... you have been warned.

Name: Elizabeth Donahue
Age: Seventy-One
Family most closely affiliated with: Donahue and Delongpre by way of her daughter's marriage
Three Fast Facts:
- Born Elizabeth Constance Duvall, Elizabeth came from an affluent family out of of Long Island, New York that proudly traces their lineage all the way back to the Mayflower. The Duvalls were bankers and businessmen, making shrewd investments on technological innovations emerging during the Industrial Revolution and pioneering the earliest forms of modern capitalism. It wasn't until the advent of Speculation and the creation of the Stock Market that they experienced their true boon with wealth however. As the daughter of a prominent and wealthy WASP family, her one and singular duty was to marry a man of equally impressive birth. She did so gladly in the summer of 1962 to a one, Charles Donahue.
- There is absolutely no question who wore the pants in the thirty-eight-years Charles and Elizabeth were married. Elizabeth is as much an overlord at home as she is in the office, micromanaging the lives of her children and her grandchildren in much the same way she might her subordinates. Domineering, intractable and uncompromising, Elizabeth Donahue knows best and damned be anyone who try and tell her otherwise. She holds her family to an impossible standard, her unwillingness to compromise prompting her youngest daughter to exile when she found herself pregnant at sixteen out of wedlock and determined to still carry the child to term. Jennifer Donahue left for California to become Jennifer Jordan and never looked back and Elizabeth, stubbornly and foolishly, let her. That her youngest daughter died before the two could ever reconcile has weighed heavier on her heart than she lets on to and she has spent the last decade or so trying to make right on that wrong.
- Elizabeth is trying to get all her ducks in a row before her final, inevitable curtain call, not by choice but out of necessity. She has survived seven economic recessions, two failed corporate acquisitions, the deaths of her husband and two of her four children and is just tenacious enough to outlive the remaining two and their progeny as well but for a malign tumor recently discovered on her left breast. There are few challenges in life she's met and found any difficulty in conquering, but cancer is a horse of an entirely different color. She has yet to take any of her family into her confidence.
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