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Oh, the Santa burger! I wish someone would make me a disgusting Santa burger.

More Lane and Rory; I like their friendship in this season.

I love Michel.

Oh my gosh, Laurelai’s approach to eating bagged salad is amazing. I admire the lengths she will go to avoid creating dirty dishes.

I really like Lorelai/Dean scenes.

Of course Luke/Lorelai are fantastic in this episode. He knows her so well; she doesn’t even have to finish her sentences. And when she just needs to talk, he lets her talk. I love his line, “I can’t imagine anyone seeing you as a disappointment" and the whole "You look good" scene in the hospital.

Jane Lynch as the nurse is funny.

I love that Emily secretly calls Lorelai from the hospital. She really does care, even though she does a great job of acting unaffected. And I love her reaction to seeing Luke.

Luke is really sweet with Rory. He also has a lovely scene with Emily. It's nice to see him interact with the rest of the Gilmores.

That silent moment where Lorelai and Richard are in the hospital room alone and just look at each other before the others barge in is just heartbreaking.

This episode is sad to rewatch after Ed's passing.

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