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We watched the episode with my friend yesterday and we laughed a lot. Some lines are classic and even after so many years they never get old.

Love love the first scene where Lorelai is sitting on her couch and listening to the Max message. The music that goes with it is awesome. I almost can feel the cold breeze when watching this

My second favorite sequence is Lorelai´s walk in the snowy Stars Hollow. Even though Im generally a javajunkie I don´t mind Max and I really like Lorelai´s and his scenes in this episode. They had such a good word play. I remember how I always disliked Lane for interupting Lorelai and Max in a wrong moment.hehe

Lorelai/Lauren looked so lovely in this episode.

I guess it´s the first episode where we actually see that Luke pines for Lorelai, right?

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