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Originally Posted by FAB47 (View Post)
Aww bless them I couldn't watch that - did they say anything else ? It's nice to see that they are getting on so well I'm glad they finally got scenes together. Seems that they have a good atmosphere on the set.
They talked about a few things, they were asked about how many babies have played Cadence and JJ said he didn't know but currently it's two very sweet twins. When the livestream first started as the episode of Nashville was starting, the reporter was trying to ask them what is happening in this episode, and neither one of them remembered. She asked about the "Sony deal" and they looked at each other blankly. Haha. So then she changed course and asked them how it is on the set of Nashville, and JJ joked, "A lot like this right now, confusion, not knowing what we're doing..." It was definitely just an improvised "event" so sometimes they were looking at tweets and trying to answer them and sometimes they were just trying to understand what the reporter was saying to them.

At the midway point they suddenly worried that the audience couldn't hear the reporter, only they could (they were wearing earpieces). Chris was like, "We've looked crazy this whole time, we're talking to someone no one else hears!" The reporter had to calmly explain to them that the audience could see AND hear her, as it was a split screen. Chris was like, "Oh thank God." It was a hot mess but entertaining.
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