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So....I got to go to the screening / premiere last night. It was so strange because my sister got an email inviting her to what was billed as a screening. I thought maybe Dan would show up because of him being in NYC, but wasn't certain. Sis and I were toward the beginning of the line and we ended up getting a bracelet for a "fan event." Turns out it was to watch Dan & James & the director do the red carpet. After, because seats were assigned, we were in the second row for the film. Dan & James & the director introduced it to us.

I liked the movie a lot. It was stuck pretty close to the script I read 2? years ago. Not much changed. All the performances were good. James was totally having fun with the role. There were a lot of funny parts & I enjoyed the chemistry between Dan & James.

here are some photos (not the best quality):

While Dan was signing my poster, we were talking about how we saw him on Broadway. He responded he hopes to go back in the next couple of years.
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