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I don't have the words to say exactly how I feel so I'll just sum it up to this:

Because this board closes, doesn't mean that our love for Kate will stop.

I wish I were as active here now as I was in the past, but college had taken the best of me and it still goes on doing so. As sad as seeing this board go makes me, it also makes me feel rather happy: it was a part of an amazing journey and it really helped me through hard times. It was amazing being a mod here, and I will always have fond memories of posting here There is nothing I can do to stop this from happening, so I just guess I will have to do what Kate has taught me (and others) to do: move on. Life goes on.

I am sure everyone on here will go on following Kate and loving her as much as we used to, and we can still talk about her if we want That's what the Celebrities board is here for I am sure everyone will be looking back and remember at all the happy times made here, but, once real life gets the roll, some sacrifices have to be made.

This might be my last post on this board, so I would like to leave this message:

Don't be sad that it's over. Be happy that you could experience it. Carry memories from here. But move on. Life moves on. Kate will always be there, the captain of the ship, to support and teach us that, even in hardships, we should not give in, but take a deep breath, make the first step and, before we know it, we've reached a new destination.

Here's for the journey to continue!
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