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I woke up to this news this morning with a message from Laurelle and I have to say I'm gutted this board is closing.

I first found this board via the board's twitter account, It was that twitter made me discover fanforum and what an awesome place it is. I first joined in 2013, and eventually, I became a mod of this board for a few months, I however, had to step down as college got in the way and so did life, but I really enjoyed my time as a mod here, it was great fun.

I did take a break initially BUT however, did come back and start posting again, but not often, as life just got in the way of everything

Thanks to this board, I've made some awesome and amazing friends, including the two mods of the Kate board, Laurelle and Maggie, they're such crazy, but awesome people and I'm so happy to have them as my friends, and that they'll remain for as long as can be.

I'll be very sad to see this board go, but I made some wonderful memories on here and I'll always be a fan of Kate, she's someone I really look up to. I'll also continue coming on fanforum as I love this website, I couldn't leave.

Hugs to all
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