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Thank god someone posted

I really really liked the episode except minor things.

Klaus is douchebag..I knew that but damn I felt hurt for Lucien.. Did Aurora ever love him or it was just one sided..? I need to know more
I was so counting it to be smexy and it fell flat ..sloppy..they seem to be more bothered about Lucien then for each other

Elijah and his sireline is giving me life...Aya , Tristan.. They are crazy mofo, such elitists..Tristan handed Elijah handkerchief.. I died

I so love the fortune teller but I don't know how to feel brothers feeding on her simultaneously
But Klaus running to save Cami from Lucien was gold.

It's even more funny bcz I knw Lucien knew he'd come

Jayley - I really don't want to be annoyed by them..I could do without them having sex..and how dare they leave Hope with Freya after knocking her out and missing out on everything...great writing flaw there

Marcel - I'm looking forward how you'll be involved but be wary dude

Vincent is my guy..his sass with Lucien although he's clearly terrified of him

Aurora you are one crazy girl..NOLA doesn't want your craziness but I'm ready
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