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So just watched the episode. I enjoyed it, but didn't at the same time .

Klaus - I wanted to punch you in the nads about those flashbacks. Keep it in your pants you hobag. Lucien kept your secret and you pay him back by scamming on the girl he was in love with? Crap friend dude. Now that I said you and Aurora had some mad chemistry. If your love wasn't so skeezy I would be all over that and then some .

Elijah - Why you being a dick to Marcel?! The dude has enough problems with trying to stay relevant. Really want to know what the hell possessed you into turning Tristan though. I hope it was a mistake like it was with Lucien cause you suck otherwise.

Lucien - Congrats, I love you again . Poor dude, I get your trauma cause damn that was graphic as fck for a cw show. Holy crap that's a terrible way to be punished for loving a girl "above you". Also you're sass was spot on. Loved it.

Hayley - Over you this episode. I get the fear and anger about not knowing if you could turn into a wolf again at any moment, but you literally just got your kid back after months and you leave her to bang your hubby in a fight ring. Elijah won't be happy when he goes there to spar and smells you and Jackson everywhere. Also laughed super hard through the whole sex scene

Jackson - Starting to like you more and more, but also find you kind of creepy too. So conflicted.

Vincent - Yay you're back ! Please find more to do though or else you're going to become the new Marcel and I can't have that for you.

Marcel - Poor wittle vampire's feelings hurt . I hope you do become a member of the Strix though. At least you would have more to do.

Josh - My poor baby is always getting knocked out. You need to bulk up and stop cleaning up after others. Unless you getting paid to clean blood from the carpets tell Marcel to clean up himself.

Tristan - Ugh you evil mofo. I hate and love you. I am super confused about how to feel cause you're terrible and hurt poor Lucien, but wow you are also super awesome and I love you're weirdness with your sister. Also the fact that Lucien called your obsession "jealousy" was amazing . Make klebekah 2.0 cannon please .

Camille -

Chick from Strix - Seem like a badass and I like it.

Detective Hottie - Lucien was right, you're boring.

Aurora - I am so happy you are heading to NOLA now. I really like you and want to see you and Klaus reunite Also I don't think I have shipped one character with so many people before, but girl seems to have chemistry with everyone. Can't wait to see the flashbacks of you and Rebekah now .

Side-note: Missed Freya and Davina so much. Would have rather them there and not others .

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