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So frustrated with her lack of storyline but you know what I do get where she came from this episode and I don't think she was a plain cut villain as some others do.

I bought that Jo thought Stephanie was lying as she had fibbed in the past to get what she wanted. In this case she was doing it to get out of trouble and stay on Amelia's good side. That's why Jo was uncomfortable and questioned it. She was all for Stephanie playing the system but lying about being ill was too far. I also think Jo thought she and Stephanie were closer and had she been sick she would have known about it. She didn't go straight to Amelia and I don't think that she sought to tattle on Stephanie. She was irritated that what she thought as manipulation had worked.

Jo's resentment/jealousy has been building for a while now. We've seen that she doesn't get the same level of respect from the attendings that Stephanie does and it's not due to her being incapable.From what we've seen it's moreso that Stephanie works the system better and knows how to get on everyones good side. Her jealousy is petty but I do get it. It's frustrating to watch a peer get ahead and gain respect so effortlessly especially if you're struggling yourself.

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