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I found that episode... frustrating. Because the first 15-20 minutes were amazing, and the last 15-20 minutes were amazing. But where the episode fell down, as most Moffat's stories do, is that they try too hard to force humour. I mean, that whole guitar on a tank was just cringeworthy beyond words. Simply horrifying. Same, at times, with Missy. When she plays it relatively straightforward, she is fine. Not great, but fine. But when she does the camp OTT stuff just makes me cringe. This story suffers from the same sins that the new series often suffers from- forced, unfunny humour, rather then let it just breath naturally from the delivery of the actors. However, the rest of the story was absolutely fantastic. But it was so so close to being the best story of NuWho so far and it just fell slightly short due to the show making the same mistakes it always makes...
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