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Originally Posted by isis1948 (View Post)
Another egg!?!?! This is how they left the series open for another season. That and Dawn still being alive. Damn it!!! Wish we could get that season.
I'm thinking about writing a fan fic about that, where Joe and Norrie move to another town and the same thing happens again (talk about deja vu). Dawn is also there, so you can imagine what will happen. In my fan fic, Joe and Norrie are married and have a four-year-old daughter named Alice (after the mother who gave birth to her, as opposed to her lover, Carolyn). I'll post a link as soon as I have the first part uploaded to Ao3.

I enjoyed the series finale, and found it fitting that it ended the same way it began: kids finding a mysterious egg. I realize they chose this ending before they knew if the show would be picked up for another season, but it didn't really seem like a cliffhanger, and you can always continue it in fan fiction (like I'm planning on doing). Now, when can we buy Season 3 on Blu-ray and DVD (since you can preorder it already on Amazon, but there's no release date), since I had no problem with this season, sure it was a little different, but still enjoyable (at least to me).
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