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Bella No need to apologize I might have been posting more in recent weeks but like I said it's mainly the games threads. You've been a great co-mod I don't think I've kept the board completely updated with Candice's latest pics etc but since the board has been pretty dead I don't think anyone minded Unless there are guests popping in. There's a great twitter account @CandiceUpdate that has everything Candice related and it's so easy because everything is in one place. Just scroll. No need to enter threads I was thinking of trying to convince twitter Candice/Caroline fans to come over here but I think most people prefer twitter. Twitter is more active and I think forums are starting to die down. I remember when I first joined the boards were so active that I couldn't keep up Now in the past few weeks I've had 3 of the boards I like close but I really think it's for the best.

Rocky If you do catch up on TVD we still have the TVD board and tons of shipping threads for Caroline around so we can still appreciate her. I've actually joined a Whatsapp Steroline group a while back so I don't even have to go online to catch up with spoilers etc. It makes my life so much easier I just ask for a quick update.

Si The same thing happened with me and TO since I stopped watching. I haven't posted in any TO related threads because I don't know what's going on with the show/characters.
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