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This is a very tough decision and I feel terrible that things came down to this, but our post counts haven't been the same and I don't have time/energy to post here as much as I used to. And I too have thought about simply stepping down and letting someone else take the position, but as Tee said, last time we had an opening no one but her showed any interest and I didn't want to leave her modding alone (which I did end up doing many times anyway, I'm so sorry, Tee, you've been a great mod ). I've been posting in this board since I first joined FanForum and it's responsible for great times and great friends, I still love this place and I love Candice, but I don't watch TVD anymore and she hasn't been in any other projects lately, so it's hard for us to do any real discussions and we feel like the things said here could easily be said in just one thread at the TVD board. I wish things could have been different and if anyone is willing to commit to this board as to not let it die, please do it, it's a great place and it will have a place in my heart. But sadly, this is the end of the road for me and I just wanted to thank everyone who posted in here with me and apologize to all the people who campaigned for this board for not being able to keep it alive. I feel like I failed somehow and it sucks, but sometimes you just have to accept failure.

Anyway, I loved my time in here very much, both as a moderator and a poster. And I'll truly miss it.

Thank you and I'm sorry.

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