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I guess ... if I had to pick my absolute favorite ... I'd have to say it's Sydney Jordan, if only because I've been writing her off and on for the longest and I have a very rich history with which to draw from, which makes it easier for me to write her. But ... but ... I have other favorites. Leliana Stark and Damon Lannister are amongst my favorites, largely because I feel I understand their motivations really well. Mallorie Gates has become a favorite of mine, probably because she is so different from anything I have ever written before. I've had a lot of fun with Tybalt this past game. He quickly became a favorite. Lucas Hughes is a favorite of mine to write. (What is this, pretty much all the people who appear in NYU at the moment? Yeah, there's a reason for that.) I enjoyed writing Silas a lot too. And Rodrik. I really enjoyed writing him as well.

TPBM, what was your most recent favorite scene you have written?
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