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Originally Posted by violasghost (View Post)
Im not a fan of short short hair on men in most cases, imo very few can pull it off, but the length of Tom's hair imo is very sexy. Love it. So no you aren't the only one Luna.
What makes me laugh is that I remember a quote from Mison sometime during season 1 about growing his hair long, and him saying that the "middle stage" was brutal, how terrible it looked.

He's obviously in the "middle stage", but damn boy, you still look good!!!

As long as it's combed (and therefore fluffy) it looks good.

I say this because I think he has similar hair to me, in terms of it getting messy ends up looking quite stringy. And I love that you can see the blonde tips (he always had more blondish coloured hair before SH) and his own natural coloured hair growing out at this point in his life (again, what my hair is doing).

I'm a sucker for long-haired guys but you know what - he looks sexy as hell with this cut. And I am really happy for him that he doesn't have to suffer with the wig anymore. Awesome.

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