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Kate Singing Appreciation Thread #2: Because we all agree Kate has a lovely voice!

Welcome to the Kate's singing thread 2!

Kate has sung in a lot of her movies

Heavenly Creatures
Sense and Sensibility
Holy Smoke
A Christmas Carol
Romance and Cigarettes

Kate has released the single 'What If' from the movie A Christmas Carol which went to Number 1 in Ireland and Number 6 in the UK

She has also sung on Saturday Night Live (and even did some tap dancing) and she has even sung in Italian

YouTube - Heavenly Creatures - Kate Winslet singing
YouTube - Kate Winslet Singing - Sense & Sensibility
YouTube - Kate Winslet - My Heart Will Go On LIVE
YouTube - Kate Winslet Singing - Hamlet
YouTube - Kate Winslet sings in "Holy Smoke" (German Scene)
YouTube - What If-Kate Winslet
YouTube - Iris - Kate Winslet singing - A Lark in the Clear Air
YouTube - Kate Winslet Singing - Romance & Cigarettes
"I Need A Nap"
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