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Originally Posted by linnki (View Post)
Anyone else keeping up? I just watched The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Desperate Souls, two very good episodes! Being a Rumple fan, I really love Desperate Souls and learning how and why he becomes the Dark One. And the Lonely Hunter episode is so sad because of Graham's death.
Love Desperate Sould for obvious reasons.
They turned Rumple/Gold from this trickster character into an actual human being with a really compelling story.

But I have a lot of respect for 1x07. It was a really daring choice to kill off the romantic interest of the main character just as they were connecting. Graham's death was devastating but it served several purposes story-wise. We got official confirmation that Regina remembered her life in FTL and it made the threat of death very real early on in the show because Graham truly died and was never revived.

It's actually a shame that since then, A&E have used the death/revival storyline so much that it unfortunately dulled that threat.
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