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this is sad

But i know this doesn't mean that DB's fans are not as devoted as they should be. His fans grow up and have heavier responsibilities in their lives...I, myself, got older and real life work affected my "fangirling time" for DB. I could not just exclusively devote my time on-line for DB only. In spite of it, David Boreanaz STILL remains my #1 favorite Hollywood actor and Angel is my most favorite male superhero.

Besides, twitter and facebook are much easier and more accessible way to talk about DB and his works without strict limitations, plus there's a higher probability that DB can interact with his fans thru twitter (well, depends on his mood )

But I will never forget this forum! This was my sanctuary during the heights of stupid BTVS shipping wars. This was where I go whenever I was tired of unintentionally clicking links that bashed Angel and B/A and DB.

Unfortunately, there's an end to everything. Thanks for the old-time posters and moderators who ran this board.

Kudos for the 13 years
"ANGEL ... Still Angel" -- Sarah Michelle Gellar (March, 2014)
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