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Round 13

#15 is out!

John Murphy Quotes: Round 13

Vote for your least favorite Quote.
The first Quote to get 5 votes, or the most votes after 3 days, is eliminated.


"You got it all wrong, Bellamy. I don't want you to say anything.
I want you to feel what I felt, and then... I want you to die"
-- To Bellamy in We Are Grounders Pt.1

"Well, I think the Princess is dead, but I know the King's about to die,
so who's really going to lead these people, huh? Me, that's who, and, yeah,
maybe I'll have to kill your Grounder-pounding little sister..."
- To Bellamy in We Are Grounders Pt.1

"You know, I got to hand it to you, Bellamy. You got 'em all fooled.
They actually look up to you, almost as much as they look up to Clarke.
Yeah, well, we know the truth, don't we? You're a coward.
I learned that the day you kicked out the crate from beneath me."
-- To Bellamy in We Are Grounders Pt.1

"I don't want to die alone."
-- To Raven in The 48

"Camp you is that way."
-- To Jaha in Survival of the Fittest

"Touch me again, and I’ll end you… in a non-criminal way."
-- To Caspian in Rubicon

"I will take Jaha's staff and beat you to death with it."
-- To Harris in Bodyguard of Lies

"I wouldn't cover it up. I think it's pretty badass."
-- To Emori in Rubicon

"Then again, I might surprise you."
-- To Emori in Rubicon

"What level of crazy is too much for you? I'm just curious."
-- To Jaha in Bodyguard of Lies

"A shower would be nice right about now.
Wash off the rest of Harris."
-- To Jaha in Bodyguard of Lies

"Yeah, I would have shot me too."
--to Raven, in The 48

"You fried them all. The only reason this one survived
was because they left him behind to guard me."
--To Raven, in The 48

"You thought I was the crazy one, huh?"
--in Reapercussions

"Well, I'd say he's heard one too many of your motivational speeches."
--To Bellamy, in Many Happy Returns
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