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I never thought about this either. I could very well see this happening. But Red tried so hard to keep the truth from her because he always told her it wouldn't be safe for her to know. You think it would be safe for her to know if he were to have died?
Maybe he has kind of a time line... First of all bringing all the threats down to finally tell her the truth? Who she really is. Maybe Mr. Kaplan would be the one to continue on his behalf. I doubt that he would want Lizzie to stay in the dark about who she is for her whole life. Because now she has him but would he died, she wouldn't have anybody else left.

I agree, they are a family. Red and Dembe are like brothers and Kate... Maybe kind of a mother figure somehow since she's some older than the guys. The way she cared for Red felt like a mother to me at least. she way she kissed his forehead before she left in 1x19.
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