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Last year, they had a show near where I lived, but I couldn't make it due to it being on a night where I went to see one of my favorite saxophone players play in San Francisco. I don't know they will play near me again this year.

As for Lou, I'm wondering what he has been up to. I haven't heard much from him. His voice was wonderful.

As for the new singer, I don't know if you're talking about Kelly Hansen or not. I would have to see a picture to know. Last year, it was Kelly who was singing with the band from what a friend of my told me who went to the show last year. Kelly was part of a heavy metal band in the 80's I loved called Hurricane. They had a song I couldn't get out of my head called "I'm On To You.". You could say he was my first "crush" if you will. He was totally gorgeous and his voice was beautiful.

I will say that sometimes when a new voice comes into a legendary band, sometimes it can be to give the legendary band a new direction and vibe and that's a good thing. It might not always work, but even legends can grow and help us to appreciate the music they do throughout the years. With Van Halen, it may not have worked with Gary Cherone (andother metal singer I enjoy), but it did work with Sammy Hagar and now with David back in the fold, the sky's the limit.
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