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Most Tear Worthy Scene of Season 2 Round #1

Remember; vote for your least favorite scene during each round. You get only one vote per round and after your vote is in and counted, there is no changing that vote.
The scene that has four votes first will be eliminated that round and the vote tally returns to zero.


"I was a mother, now I'm a monster."


"I sought to protect you from yourself."


"Only together can we defeat our demons."


"I would do nothing less because we are brothers. Always and Forever."


"You came for my child, my daughter, your own blood!"


"You are a Mikaelson. You're my blood, and I need you. I need you by my side."


"This is the family I longed for, but because of her...I'll forever be alone."


"I’ll explain everything. Just say you believe me."


"I vowed never to love."


"I'm the odd one out!"


"Ever since the first day that I met you, I have felt everything for you...
So, whatever you were gonna say to me, please don’t say it.”


"Stop the spell Esther!"


"It's ok...I'm not scared."


"I want to know why."
"I don't know...I just did."


"You are my pack now."


"Under the same stars there’s some guy and he’s with his girl
and he thinks he’s got all the time in the world and
he’s right…and I hate him."


"You want to be alone? Well congratulations, you have your wish."


"Freya, I’m so sorry. I love y-"


"Suddenly forever...feels like a really long time."


"Gia, be a sweetheart and take off your daylight ring."

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