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She seemed genuinely surprised, and perhaps even mistrustful of what he told her, but when she retrieved her cell phone to look at the time, he could already see Sydney Jordan of the past coming to life before him. An apologetic smile, and then ... Christian rose an eyebrow quizzically when she told him to turn around, wondering what she was playing at, until she gestured in the direction of her clothing. He turned his back then and averted his eyes elsewhere but could not resist a quick glance in the mirror as she changed. The sight was enough to will his eyes elsewhere, remembering his vow, that it was time to hang up his hat and let it go. But somehow he was struggling now after being so firm in his resolve before; it was difficult when they slid into their old roles just like that, like nothing had ever changed between them.

But everything had, Christian knew, and nothing would ever be the same again.

"No," he acknowledged as she moved out in front of him, pausing only long enough to slide a shoe on her foot, and shook his head as the two began the walk down the hall. "I hope you haven't kept anyone waiting," the tone was all Christian, no business, and he waited for her to look him dead in the eyes before he continued. "Maybe Jason? Or is his name Justin? Emily's brother, the bore from the last dinner party. Elizabeth told me she was most pleased to hear you were dating now," his eyes glittered, daring her to say something, to call him on his bluff, but he doubted she was capable, no matter how much she had changed over the years. He pressed a button for the elevator, which came quickly, and he held the door open for her with a sweep of his briefcase.
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