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Admittedly, even her plans could take some unexpected turns. This was par for the course. What set the pros apart from the amateurs was how they dealt with those turns. For instance, yes, she was presently in a cell, locked away. Yes, the place was dark, and dank, and many of the surfaces looked as though they could leave you with pox if you even looked at them the wrong way. Of all the jail cells she had seen - generally on the other side of the door, frankly - this one was the rankest. Then, of course, there was the matter of present company. On one side, a young man she had never seen before he was brought in, a few hours earlier. All she had been able to discern, other than a strange sense of déjà vu, was that this one had seen the inside of a cell before, and more than one time... or five. And as to her other cellmate, well... He was sleeping off the night before, snoring loud enough she had expected for the bench to vibrate, giving no mind to her, or the world. He had been the reason for their shared incarceration, and for the poorly bandaged slice in her arm, along with a handful of other scrapes and bruises. She didn't sweat it. Cuts healed, bruises, too, and Jayne... Oh, she would see to it his end was a painful one.

None of this changed the fact that she was in a cell, and that her being there only felt like a setback. She was a pro, after all. She could get herself out. Before she could do anything though, she needed to become better acquainted with the third member of their group, to appraise whether or not he would need to be incapacitated - if not killed.

"When's breakfast?" she gave him half a look, unbothered.
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