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Sydney Jordan
Ten minutes to eight. Never much one for being able to hold a poker face, the surprise showed plain as day in her wide blue eyes and she immediately moved to retrieve her phone, almost as if she did not believe he told it true. 7:50 indeed. And now 7:51. She glanced up apologetically, guilt mounting as he explained the reason for his still being here. It did not immediately strike her odd that they should be talking now after having gone on as long as they had without so much as speaking a simple ‘hello’ to the other, even when they had both traveled back to Richmond to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday. Then suddenly Sydney felt it most emphatically, as tended to be the case whenever she found herself alone with him. How odd it was to exist together in the same space, him often only two floors away, yet to feel as though they were complete and total strangers at times.

Only he would never truly be a stranger to her. She had once believed herself to be close to him, if only for a brief moment in time, some several years ago.

“It seems my move has already been decided,” she said at last, feeling the minutes tick away slowly. “Turn around,” she instructed at the next beat. He stalled in his confusion until a bemused smile cracked at the corner of her lips as she gestured to the dance attire she desired to change out of. Upon realizing her intent, he obliged her request and she in turn changed out of her dance clothes and into a maroon sun dress right then and there, not having the time to retreat for one of the changing rooms down the hall. She was still slipping a shoe over her foot mid-movement as she moved past him in the doorway and out into the dark hall. “I haven’t kept you from anything too important, I hope?” She asked breathlessly. It was her attempt at an apology, Sydney never being able to abide the idea that she might inconvenience another person in any way, shape or form. Even when that person was Christian Jenkins.
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