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As Elisa had come down to the ground with him, hugging him back, he'd only embraced her more. His little sister, his favorite human being, back in his arms. He had not felt so much himself in the last three years, but now... He had always considered himself tough, and brave, and any number of other things that went hand in hand with the choices he'd made, but everything that had led to his having to run, to fake his death, had revealed in him that there was such a thing as fear for him, and it wasn't the dark, or insects, or clowns. His fear was losing his sister, and now that he had her back, he'd finally been able to admit to it, to let out the monster that had been pressing on his lungs for three years. He could have just fallen asleep and slept a sound night for the first time in a very long time, but he had better things to do right now.

His eyes were still a mess, but better than they had been, and when he pulled back to look at her, he could almost see her clearly. She'd been crying, too, and he reached up clumsy trembling hands to wipe her tears away. "Sorry I ate all your cereal," was the first thing he could think of, and seeing her sort of smile was the best thing to happen all day. "And even..." he breathed out, finding himself more worn out than he'd expected, "Even though my face is killing me right now, I'm glad you have that thing on you and you're not scared to use it." He knew they should have been talking about the elephant in the room, his having been gone, the way he'd been gone, but he was feeling a spark of happiness and he couldn't let it go. "Tell me about... what you've been up to, I... I want to know about how you've been," his hands kept reaching for her arms, her face, anything to keep the contact real, like he might wake up back in his crappy apartment far across the country otherwise. "Are you... seeing anyone, or..." he tried to look at her hands to see if she had a ring. A lot could have happened in three years.

She was being knocked back and forth as Lila peeled out of the lot, driving like a maniac, and she didn't care. She had her mangled hand cradled in the other, a string of curses spewing endlessly from her lips. "There, just go in there, I need ice, something!" she called, pointing to the gas station. Lila did as told, jumped out of the car, went for the ice and came back a minute later. Serena grabbed it and jumped when it first touched her cradled hand. Lila was already driving off from the gas station, and Serena sincerely hoped they were still headed to the diner. Pain or no, she was starving, and with the rush of everything that had happened before, she could have eaten a whole cow.

Slowly, eventually, the ice had started to work its magic and allowed her to calm down. Lila still looked on hedge. "So why did I have to punch that guy?" Serena asked her, to get her talking.
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