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He put on a pair of thick rubber gloves and picked up the first item.
"Aladdin's lamp."
He said and started to walk with it to the other area of the room where the shelves were bare.
"Most of the items should be on the list and you just have to put a check mark, and right down any changes to the item, if there are any I'll tell you, and if there's any new items they will go at the bottom of the list."
The list was over 50 pages and he knew it might be daunting to her.
"It'll be nice not to have to do all the work myself."
He said with a small nod. But he was really thinking it would be nice not to be stuck all day in here by himself. The vault almost felt cage-like to him when he was in here all alone for extended periods. He knew he had the keys but when he couldn't come out until he was done - he could feel trapped.

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